The Art of the Afternoon Nap

Who says napping is just for babies? I’d argue that it’s equally, if not more, important for adults to catch their afternoon z’s as well. In fact, science agrees with me and so does Spain. (Not to mention Thomas Edison, Leonardo DaVinci, Winston Churchill, and JFK). I've always been a huge proponent for the afternoon nap.... Continue Reading →

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Although I've been writing on this blog for over a year now, I realized that I have never taken the time to actually introduce myself to you in person. So, without further ado, I give you my introductory vlog! I've been looking to expand into the vlogosphere for a while now and what better way... Continue Reading →

If It Ain’t Broke…

With the advent of Google Buzz, I’m starting to get tired of all the rapid changes in technology and social media.  If technology is going to progress so quickly, I’d like to be able to choose whether or not I can opt in or opt out of these changes.  For instance, Google Buzz simply swooped in... Continue Reading →

Hello, world.

How do you do?! I have launched my newest blog, "Ramblings" where I will seek to examine the finer things in life and offer my humble opinions on various topics. Stay tuned!

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