Yes to the Dress

"Weddings are so weird. This veil costs more than my couch.” - Liz Lemon, "SeinfeldVision," 30 Rock. In the very first episode of TLC’s hit wedding show Say Yes to the Dress, bride-to-be Kim describes trying on the dress she chose to be her wedding dress: “I found the dress. It’s gorgeous, I don’t know what... Continue Reading →

It’s My TV Show and I’ll Cry If I Want To

I have a hard time getting into the weekly ritual of watching TV shows (with the exception of Downton Abbey), but recently I got into watching The Mindy Project. The show’s created and written by Mindy Kaling, who played Kelly on The Office (and actually started out there as a writer). I’ve always found her... Continue Reading →

Don’t Mess With the Duchess of Cambridge

Ever since the debut of her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress, Kate Middleton has made fashion headlines. Her fashion choices crash designers' websites. Most of the clothes she owns are on back order for years. As is the case with most mega-celebrities, the Duchess formerly known as Kate Middleton is now the subject of... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Live is Hiring. Pick Me.

Saturday Night Live is hiring. Upon further investigation, I have found that I am qualified for none of their open positions, but I went ahead and wrote a cover letter in case something opens up. After all, who wouldn't want to work for Saturday Night Live. (Best job ever?) Here's what I came up with:... Continue Reading →

Bridalplasty: Worst Show Ever?

I had the misfortune of watching the inaugural episode of Bridalplasty on E!. As part of my Sunday evening-let's-pretend-we-don't-have-to-work-tomorrow-or-ever routine, I like to lie flat on the couch and indulge in bad reality TV (my favorites are a tie between the Teen Mom marathons and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathons). After the Kardashians marathon ended, Bridalplasty aired.  I... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Walkman

First, it was the Polaroid camera. Now, the Walkman is the latest archaic piece of technology to be retired by its creators. Twenty years from now, we'll probably laugh about the fact that we ever owned smart phones. I was pretty bummed to learn about the Walkman's demise.  What's so bad about the Walkman?! They always came equipped with... Continue Reading →

King of the World (Again)

Just when I thought we were finished with director James Cameron for good, he returns from his hiding place to create and direct this year’s most talked about blockbuster, Avatar. Avatar has broken movie records while taking animation into the next dimension.  In addition, the film is up for a record amount of Oscars at this... Continue Reading →

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