I Can’t Live If Living is Without You, Downton Abbey

When it comes to Downton Abbey, you’re either in love with it or you have no idea what it is. I fall into the former category. I cannot get enough of Downton Abbey. I love watching the show, I love chatting about the show with friends, and I love convincing people that they, too, should jump on the Downton Abbey watching train.

Downton Abbey came into my life on a lazy Sunday. I had no intention of leaving my bed and was therefore looking for something enthralling to watch on Netflix. Netflix suggested that I watch Season 1 of Downton Abbey. I had remembered seeing a lot of buzz about the show on Twitter (in part because I  wondered why so people were misspelling the word “downtown”) and was in the mood for a good British costume drama.

From the moment I saw the beautiful opening titles with the beautiful music and shots of Highclere Castle, I was hooked. Then, the show’s story lines began unravelling and I became obsessed. I can’t believe the heirs to Downton Abbey went down in the Titanic. Poor Mr. Pamuk. Why won’t Anna and Bates get together already? Why is Thomas made of pure evil? What is a weekend? How could Edith expose her sister Mary’s secret? Why do I have such a crush on Matthew Crawley? Will Matthew and Mary end up together? Between the scandals, the romance, the plotting, the costumes, and the scenery, I ended up watching the entire first season in one sitting.

Now that Season 2 has come and gone, I don’t know how I’m going to get my Downton Abbey fix. There are only so many times a person can re-watch the seasons. Already I’ve re-watched Matthew’s proposal to Mary a good 15 times or so. I could always print off the Downton Abbey paper dolls and come up with my own story lines, but I’m not 12. There’s always Vanity Fair‘s Downton Abbey trading cards. They might bring some Downtonian joy into my life. I even taught myself how to play the theme song on the piano, so a little more practice couldn’t hurt. But let’s face it, nothing short of watching Season 3 will satisfy my Downton Abbey cravings and Season 3 doesn’t air until January. Why do you make us wait so long, PBS? WHY?!

I guess I’m just going to have to come to terms with the fact that Downton Abbey won’t be back on my television for another 11 months. Instead of focusing on the giant void the show’s absence has left, I’ll instead focus on the joy the show brought into my life. I’m thankful for the time we shared and look forward to another season. In the mean time, I’ll just have to get some new hobbies.

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  1. hi, am suffering with you ! I’ve also located the theme music & am determined to play it although I took lessons over 40 yrs. ago haha!! Have just located at my local library the non-fiction account of Highclerc Castle that’s out in paperback & has gotten good reviews. And I’m going to get the unedited British version of Session 1 also.

  2. Oooh, I didn’t know there was an unedited British version of Season 1. I will definitely have to watch that, too. I should also check out the non-fiction account of Highclere Castle. Sounds very interesting. Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for commenting.

  3. I’m with you on the Downton withdrawal. I watched it on PBS last year, so I endured the waiting for Season 2 and am not looking forward to repeating the process for Season 3. I guess I’ll deal with it in the same day: rewatching the DVDs a few times, memorizing the dialogue, etc.

    On another note, if you watched the series via Netflix, you’ve seen the unedited UK version; it’s only if you watched it on PBS that you would have seen an edited cut.

  4. Oh you’re right! I read an article today about the fact that PBS had edited Season 1 differently than the way it aired on British TV. I did watch it on Neftlix, so there goes that idea! I like the idea of memorizing the dialogue. I think I already have the proposal scene memorized, haha. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in my suffering!

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