Brett Favre Teaches Us to Quit While We’re Still Ahead

Me, in happier Brett Favre times. As a lifelong Green Bay Packer fan, I was in love Brett Favre for a very, very long time.  When I moved to Boston in the winter of 2007, I brought my love for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers along with me.  I made sure that everyone... Continue Reading →

If You’re Going to Write a Passionate Letter, Don’t Write it in Comic Sans

Unless you're a fourth-grader, or being ironic, or the author of a comic book, or on vacation from the 1990s, never use [Comic Sans]. - John D. Sutter, CNN [Comic Sans is] probably the worst font ever to grace the computer screen. - MG Siegler, TechCrunch Last night, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers took... Continue Reading →

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