It’s My TV Show and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Mindy ProjectI have a hard time getting into the weekly ritual of watching TV shows (with the exception of Downton Abbey), but recently I got into watching The Mindy Project. The show’s created and written by Mindy Kaling, who played Kelly on The Office (and actually started out there as a writer). I’ve always found her to be entertaining and it’s nice to see someone other than a white woman take the lead role of a show for a change. The show is funny and sustains my interest long enough for me to be interested in what might happen next week.

Do you really think this would have been your girlfriend in real life?Keep dreaming, Jerry.
Do you really think this would have been your girlfriend in real life?Keep dreaming, Jerry.

What really intrigues me about the show is that Mindy Kaling created the show,
wrote many of the episodes, stars in the show, and named the character she plays Mindy. Kind of how Jerry Seinfeld played Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld and Larry David is Larry in Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m always intrigued when actors keep their own names in fictitious shows, as if they are playing out their fantasies in this fictional shows. Isn’t that the point, I suppose? That way, you can always make sure that you’re never without a hot date. Funny how these leading actors are never without good-looking people on their shows. Mindy’s boyfriend on the show is a darling and it seems that there is always a hottie just around the corner. Jerry Seinfeld was always taking out babes on Seinfeld and Larry David’s wife on Curb was a total babe. That’s the nice thing about having your own TV show, you can tweak your life in whatever way you want.

That sounds nice. Maybe I will start penning some scenes for The SJ Whipp Experience, starring me as Sonja. I think I have enough interesting stories to sustain a TV show, but what tweaks would I make to my life in my new TV show?

Maybe The SJ Whipp Experience would be a period drama wherein my character would wear crazy layers of petticoats and host scores of suitors in the drawing-room over tea! Or maybe my show could take place in a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail and I could hunt for buffalo with my rifle (or the space bar).

Take a look at my TV boyfriend. Isn't he *so* dreamy?
Take a look at my TV boyfriend. Isn’t he *so* dreamy?

No, I think I would keep much of my life the same. I’d keep the story in New York, with the same roommate, same friends, but I’d move to the Village. A move to the Village would mean a bigger bank account, which would mean I’d wear more fur-lined accessories, more pairs of shoes, a fireplace, and a small dog. My metro pass would never run out and from time-to-time, I’d have a driver pick me up. You know, so that I could sleep in on some mornings before going into The Studio. Of course I’d have a hunky boyfriend, but he wouldn’t really appear that much. Only in key moments, I wouldn’t want him to steal the spotlight. He’d totally wear glasses and he would have an amazing library. But other than that, I think I’d keep most of my life the same. Of course the show would end five minutes early so that you’d all be forced to listen to schmaltzy music while the credits rolled. You wouldn’t even notice though, you’d still be in stitches from the final scene.

Enough about me, what about you? If you were the star of your own TV show, what tweaks would you make to your life?!

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