Don’t Write on My Facebook Wall, Lover

I can’t stand it when couples use Facebook as a main source of communication. I just don’t get it. We all know you love each other; after all you are in a relationship together. We know that you have inside jokes, you live together for crying out loud. We don’t need to see your couples photo albums (unless they involve Europe), isn’t that what your coffee table is for?

I seriously don’t understand why couples write on each other’s  Facebook walls.  Don’t you people see each other, like, all the time? Do you really need Facebook as a means to communicate?  I could understand if one of you is in a remote part of the world with limited access to communication, but that is a rare exception.

I don’t like it when my significant other writes on my Facebook wall either.  There is nothing that he needs to say on my Facebook wall.  Call me for crying out loud, or even better, put it in a hand-written letter. I love written notes. Better yet, say whatever you’d like to say to my face and not my Facebook.

I see the purpose of the Facebook wall as a way to share interesting information, an easy way to stay in touch with friends I dearly miss, but am too lazy to call, and photos from the Packers game.  Not couple interactions. Oh and don’t put your lovefests in your status updates, either. Those also show up in the old newsfeed and have about the same usefulness as couple wall posts.  We know you love your boy/girlfriend so, so much and that you miss him.  Even if he is sitting in the next room.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Write on My Facebook Wall, Lover

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  1. As an old married man, I want to offer one thing up: Any offering of caring is a good one if you are the one receiving it and a lot of times that offering isn’t when/how one might like it, but it is there.

    Sure, I’d love a steamy hand written lust letter, but I’ll take a text saying “love you” (or any permutation of that thought/spelling) all the same.

    As far as writing on someone’s wall goes, I don’t have an opinion. I’m not on facebook.

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