You Can’t Be Serious, Arizona

I'm dumbfounded--flabbergasted even--by the latest legislation passed by Arizona.  The new law, which makes illegal immigration a state crime, gives police officers the authority to ask any non-white looking person for documentation of their legal status, all in the name of "reasonable doubt."  In order to prove legal immigration status, legal immigrants must carry their documentation with... Continue Reading →

College Dorms and the Living’s Easy

The words "upscale" and "college dorms" should never appear in the same sentence.  I nearly fell out of my chair while reading a recent article in the Boston Globe that described a local university dormitory that came equipped with a wood fired pizza oven.  While the article focused on how universities are battling for students, I couldn't... Continue Reading →

No Valentine? No Problem!

As another Valentine's Day rolls around, those without Valentines need not worry.  If you are flying solo on February 14th, there is no reason to panic or even give it a second thought.  While everyone else scrambles to order flowers, secure reservations for the local dark bistro, and set the mood lighting at their hotel room, you will have... Continue Reading →

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