Fight Monday Morning Dread With The Breakfast Sandwich

Every Sunday night around seven o’clock, I start to feel what I call “The Sunday Night Blues.”  It’s a feeling that stems from wanting to extend the weekend and thinking about all the things I neglected to do to prepare for the Monday morning work day.  When I taught middle school, “The Sunday Night Blues” were more of a personal guilt trip: “I really should’ve graded that stack of personal narratives instead of watching movies all day.” Now that I’m not teaching, it’s more of a feeling like, “I should’ve been in bed three hours ago, but this Lifetime movie is so riveting.”  Inevitably Monday morning rolls around leaving me unprepared and reluctant to attack the work day head on.  Why can’t it still be the weekend?   Instead of enjoying a nice breakfast with the morning paper, I grab a few peanut butter breakfast bars for the road, praying public transportation works in my favor.  More often than not, I suffer from a case of The Mondays.

Enter the breakfast sandwich–a cure-all for fighting Monday morning dread! Any time I can wake up and make myself an egg sandwich, I feel refreshed, even energized. It puts an extra little bounce in my step.   There’s no greater sense of accomplishment than waking up a half an hour earlier to fry up a delicate, but delicious breakfast sandwich.  Some people feel that same sense of accomplishment by running five miles at 5 am.

The breakfast sandwich is so easy to make and worth every minute of your time! You’ll need two eggs, an English muffin, two slices of tomato, and your favorite veggies.  Start by toasting your english muffin.  Then cut up all of your vegetables.  I use two slices of tomato, a few slices of pepper (could be green, orange, red, or yellow), one small mushroom, and sometimes zucchini or asparagus.  After toasting the English muffin, I immediately slab on some mustard, my favorite condiment!  Setting the English muffin aside, I saute two slices of tomato along with my veggies.  When they are ready, I place a slice of tomato on each piece of English muffin.  Next, I stack on my peppers.  Finally, I fry two eggs over medium and place them above the peppers.  To put on the finishing touches, I put the mushrooms over the eggs and voila! The breakfast sandwich!

(Don’t forget the side of bacon.)

10 thoughts on “Fight Monday Morning Dread With The Breakfast Sandwich

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  1. Hi! That breakfast sandwich sounds wonderful, but way too complicated for me on a Monday morning. I’m good with a fried egg, and a slice of cheese on toast! I will keep your in mind for a nice slow Saturday morning though! 🙂 Good luck with your new blog!

  2. I agree that there’s truth to the Monday morning conundrum and the good pick up with an egg sandwich, but I like to think that the 5am, 5 miler is far more satisfying than a 1500 calorie heart burn and slow sublime suicide. 😀

  3. Thank you for putting a name to “the sunday night blues”. I think that a 5miler or a breakfast sandwich are equal accomplishments. The main accomplishment is dragging yourself out of bed early:)

  4. Peef is right there with you when it comes to smearing a liberal dose of mustard on that breakfast sandwich. Cures a world of ills as far as he’s concerned.

    And I’m with you — I’d much rather eat this than run 5 miles any old morning :)… but then, that might belie a bit of my bias toward food.

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