Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We all know that baseball is America’s pastime and I feel very fortunate to live only 15 minutes away from my local ballpark. Popping over to Miller Park to catch the Milwaukee Brewers in action requires little effort and there’s always someone who is willing to go at a moment’s notice. There’s always a way to find tickets even if that means sitting where you can touch the retractable roof.  One of the best parts about Miller Park, besides the brats, the beer, the sausage races, Bernie’s Dugout, the retractable roof, singing “Roll Out the Barrel” during the 7th inning stretch,  is tailgating. Unlike Fenway Park, still one of my favorite places of all time, you can tailgate at Miller Park before, during, and after the game.  Nothing like enjoying pre-game bratwursts, pasta salad, and beers in the parking lot of the ballpark.

Even if you’re not a Milwaukee Brewers fan, or even a huge baseball fan, you should still find some team or some thing to root for.  There is no better way to build camaraderie amongst a group of strangers than through cheering on a common outcome.  Sporting team colors or your favorite team’s logo, for instance, helps identify common allies in a crowd full of strangers, building an instant rapport.

 To celebrate my first summer back in Milwaukee in four years, I’ve decided to take full advantage of my proximity to Miller Park by attending twenty Milwaukee Brewers games this season.  There’s nothing more Milwaukee than going to a Milwaukee Brewers game and with the high number of home games this season it shouldn’t be too difficult to make this goal into a reality. Time to show some serious Milwaukee pride and root, root, root for the home team (if they don’t win it’s a shame)! You’ll be able to spot me as I will be tailgating in the parking lot, dressed head to toe in team colors.  I might even save you a bratwurst.

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