Hello Endorphins, My Old Friends

I used to work out all the time. And compete in races. (And dye my hair blond.)
I used to work out all the time. And compete in races. (And dye my hair blond.)

In keeping with my positive outlook for 2014, I’ve made a concerted effort to work out more. (Read: at all). Last week, I did two kickboxing classes and an aquacycling class. This week, I have big dreams of doing yoga and finding some crazy, cool new cardio class to try out. Though I’ve come up with many excuses, both clever and lame, as to why I can’t get into a good workout routine in the past couple of years, there really is no reason why I shouldn’t be working out at least three times a week. I’m not a lazy person and I used to be an athlete!

College swimming!
College swimming!

Speaking of being an athlete, while home for Christmas, I came across an old college swimming schedule that I had pasted to my dorm room wall (what can I say, I love mementos). In addition to the five two-and-a-half hour evening practices we had, there were three mandatory morning practices at 6am. Missing those AM practices was not an option. In fact, once I slept in just to see what would happen and you better believe my swim coach called me up and yelled into my answering machine until I got out of bed and over to the pool.  You see, I used to be incredibly physically active! Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine what working out 8-9 times a week would feel like.

Getting pumped up to swim at a swim meet in 2005.
Getting pumped up to swim at a swim meet in 2005.

I truly miss the days of swimming all the time and it wasn’t until I got back into the gym the other day for an old-fashioned ass-whooping (thanks Anne and Melissa), that I realize what I truly miss and crave is the release of endorphins. I love that natural high that comes when you push your body to its limits and then out of nowhere, you find the strength for just a couple more reps or to sprint across that finish line. Thanks, endorphins!

There are so many benefits to working out regularly and I was certainly reminded of that last week. It was the release of those endorphins that put me in an overall better mood despite the ridiculously cold temperatures brought on by the polar vortex.

The moral of the story is work out. There’s no excuse. Quit whining. Get off the couch and get that endorphin high. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. My workplace recently got a standing desk that fits over a treadmill. I’ve been seriously contemplating using it since it will enable me to work out while getting paid. Which takes away all my excuses. Thanks for some much needed inspiration, Sonja!

  2. I’m glad I can inspire, Dana! That sounds like such a cool thing to have at your work place. What a time saver, to be able to work out and work at the same time. Let me know how it goes!

  3. I’m so glad I decided to use that GymPact app that keeps posting about my workouts on facebook. The financial incentive (both earning AND paying) have kept me working out, even in the cold, busy and on vacation times which would have been excuses in the past. I do it to release stress after a long day and the work that doesn’t get done in a super timely way is a small price to pay for having more balance in my life. Even if it’s a short, cardio machine-only workout sometimes, it’s still definitely worth it!

  4. I’ll definitely have to check out that app! I find it’s so helpful to have an incentive when it comes to working out. I definitely agree that working out brings much-needed balance into life! You also bring up a good point that even the quick cardio machine-only workout is worth it! It’s better than doing nothing at all.

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