January 17th, 1991

My childhood diary.

January 17th, 1991 was not a particular day of note, however, I did come across a fascinating diary entry that I had written on that day that still surprises me. My second grade teacher had been talking to us a lot about the Gulf War and one of our school’s secretaries had a son-in-law that was killed during the war. Apparently I paid attention to the details of the war and then recorded them. I wrote the entry as a seven year-old so I’ve kept the spelling in tact. Here is the entry:

Dear Diary,

There is a war! Sudam Hosana started the war. I think he is a jurke. It startd when he said he wanted Iraq Kwait.  Sauda Arabia was afraid that he would take over them. So they asked a lot of army people. Earlyer in the week my secratery Jakie her son-in-law died. Jakie’s daughter’s husband. I wrote a card. My card was in the Sentinel. Now Sadam distroyed Israel. He atacked with bad guns.


Not bad for a seven year-old!


Page 1 of the actual text.
Page 2.

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