Happy Birthday To Me

Thursday’s child has far to go. – “Monday’s Child

June 2nd, 1983.

Today, I turn twenty-OLD. Today is also a Thursday, the actual day of the week on which I was born. That should count for something. Another fun fact about today, my mom graduated from high school on this day in history. Somewhere in the ’60s, to be exact. I once came across her high school diploma while digging for my old ’80s toys in the attic (I am so nostalgic) and confirmed this fact. I thought it was a weird coincidence that she happened to graduate from high school on a day that would become very significant later in her life. She did not share my sentiments. No problem, I’ve always been the more nostalgic one.

In the spirit of being nostalgic and in honor of June 2nd, high school graduations, and the fact that it’s my birthday so I can write about whatever I want, I would like to take you on a quick trip down memory lane. Below is a birthday reflection I wrote in 2001, straight from the pages of my high school diary (which means it was written in pink ink.) I wrote this entry the night before my 18th birthday and a week before I graduated from high school:

June 1st, 2001

Dear Journal,

Wow, it’s all finally over. I can’t believe it. I’m sad because this is a happy and sad time. I’ve finally made it, yet I can’t imagine my life any different than it is right now. I love this life. I love my friends, I love the routine of going to school and seeing people. I love going out on weekends with friends. I’m going to miss everyone so much. 

Tomorrow I turn 18! I can’t believe it! Time really flies.

I cried in class today thinking about how it is over. I’m so excited, but sad at the same time.  All of these great memories are truly in the past. I am going to miss all of the people.

Well, that is all.



All that yearning for days gone by and I hadn’t even officially turned 18 yet! In my defense, I don’t think I actually cried in class. It was probably just forced silent tears for dramatic effect.

It’s always fun to see what you were thinking at a given moment in time. On my birthday, I like to reflect on what I’ve accomplished thus far and what I would like to accomplish in the coming year. I also like to take the day off. Today being my day off and the day I turn twenty-old, I raise my glass of whiskey to all of you and hope that you have a wonderful day. I know I will.

Disclaimer: In spite of the fact that I’m turning 28 (there I said, it) today, many days I still feel like I’m this age:

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

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  1. Take it from someone even older than you are (I graduated high school on my 18th birthday, and that was in ’93), that feeling of still being somehow a kid inside stays with you and is a good thing.

  2. Twenty-OLD this year, and Twenty-NEW next! Right?
    Happy birthday, Lady. Trust me when I tell you that the best years are yet to come!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I know I will always feel like a kid for the rest of my life (at least I’m hoping that’ll be the case). Excited for the many, many more years and adventures to come!

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